Quit Setting Your Money On Fire

  • Getting A Mortgage Online: Why Is It Better Than Brick-And-Mortar?

    8 August 2018

    When was the last time you walked into a physical bank? Many people have moved all of their banking services to the internet, both to reduce costs and for convenience. A mortgage doesn't have to be any different. You can apply for mortgages online rather than going into a brick-and-mortar bank chain. Here are some of the advantages of online mortgage services. You Have More Loans to Choose From You can apply for dozens of mortgage loans online at the same time that it would take to apply for a single loan in person.

  • Here Is What To Consider Before Filing For Bankruptcy

    8 May 2018

    If you're going through a challenging time in regards to your personal finances, you may be looking for the best solution. Many individuals and couples consider filing for bankruptcy when they can no longer keep up with their bills and past debts. This can be a way to get rid of some of your debts and get a fresh start, and it may be an idea worth exploring. You want to make sure that you carefully consider this option and are prepared for the bankruptcy process.

  • 3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Filing Chapter 7 As A Sole Proprietor

    15 February 2018

    For individuals and small businesses facing an unmanageable amount of debt that is impossible to pay off, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the most rational solution. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many of your debts are eliminated, giving you a bit of a financial clean slate and more breathing room to pay your bills each month. As a sole proprietor, you are self-employed and do not have a legally incorporated business.

  • 3 Tax Tips For Gig Workers

    11 December 2017

    The gig economy is booming right now, but if you've found yourself earning a living as a gig worker, you may be dreading tax time. If you're used to simply collecting a W-2 form and plugging the information into a 1040, dealing with multiple income streams and tax deductions can be daunting. Working gigs and side jobs is a very different lifestyle from, say, owning a store or a restaurant. But like a restaurant or store owner, you're considered self-employed and must approach your taxes accordingly.

  • Five Basics You Need To Be Aware When Grading Coins

    13 October 2017

    Knowing how coins are graded is important if you are a collector or buyer and seller of coins. If you want to have coins graded to determine their values, there are a few basic factors you need to be aware of to get an accurate idea of the grade. The following are five basics you need to be aware of when grading coins: Flaws that are located in grade-sensitive areas may be harder to detect than other flaws.

  • Renovating The Home With A HELOC: Is It The Right Decision?

    3 September 2017

    Does your home need some massive renovations? Certain rooms inside the property could be in poor condition. If you know your home needs a lot of work, you may want to get started on the renovations, but have some serious concerns about getting enough cash to afford the cost of the different renovations that would be necessary. One way to get the money you need to complete the repairs and renovations would be to apply for the HELOC, commonly known as the Home Equity Line of Credit.

  • Out With Your Old Clunker And In With A Brand-New Car: 5 Ways To Afford The Deal

    17 August 2017

    If you've spent all your driving years buying one hand-me-down clunker after another and are dreaming of the day you can finally find yourself behind the wheel of a new model, stop dreaming and make it happen. There are many opportunities for you to make the deal more affordable, meaning your new car is probably a lot closer to becoming a reality than you might think. 1. Have Patience And Save Your Money