Quit Setting Your Money On Fire

Why You Should Work With a Bail Bonds Company

by Kathryn Watson

The police just put you in handcuffs and you are on your way to the slammer. Obviously, a less than ideal situation. But it may be possible to get out sooner than you think if you can post bail. The legal system offers some defendants the chance to get out of jail while awaiting trial thanks to the bail system. The problem for many though is that bail can be expensive and many defendants think that they can't afford it. But even if you are in solid financial condition, there are several different reasons why you might want to work with a professional bail bonds company.

1. You'll Only Pay 10% or Less of the Full Bail Amount

If your bail has been set as cash only, you may be finding it difficult to get access to the funds you need to get out. But when you work with a bail bonds company, the bail bonds agent will typically only require the defendant to front 10% of the bail amount and will cover the rest for you. You can then pay back the rest of the amount directly to the bail bonds company over time. The amount you are required to pay may vary depending on the charges or the state, but in general, going with a bail bonds company is a great way to keep your cash freed up for your defense.

2. A Bail Bonds Company May Get You Out Faster Than a Friend or Relative

Even if you are well off financially, you may still want to work with a bail bonds company instead of contacting a friend or family member because a professional bondsman may be able to get you out sooner. The average person is likely not that familiar with the bonds process because they've never been to jail, and this might be your first offense as well. If the person you called to get you out makes a mistake, there may be a delay that could leave you in jail for longer than anticipated. A professional bail bonds company will not make mistakes because they've done this exact thing dozens or hundreds of times in the past. They'll push to get you processed and out of jail as soon as possible so you can get back to your family.

3. Multiple Options for Paying Back Your Bail

Again, a cash bail can be very difficult to come up with if it's for a higher amount. But bail bond companies keep a large amount of cash on hand for this reason and will have no trouble paying it. You can then use a credit or debit card or check to pay the bail bonds company, allowing you to avoid having to handle a large amount of cash yourself.