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Scenarios That Can Affect Your Bail Bond

by Kathryn Watson

In most cases, your bail bond is a simple situation. You are arrested, the judge sets your bond, you call the bail bondsman, and you can be released. There are times when this situation is not as simple. There are certain scenarios that may affect your bail bond, including whether you can get one at all. Here are some of those issues and situations where your bond can be affected. 

Repeat Offender Status

Repeat offender status can have several implications when it comes to gaining a bail bond. Depending on the type of offense, the judge may determine that you are too likely to commit the same act before your court hearing. They may also determine that you are a flight risk or a danger to the community. In these cases, the first step would be to set your bail at a higher amount. If this has already been done, then you may face having your bond denied in order to maintain the peace and safety of the community. 

State Laws Regarding Felonies

Some states have implemented laws that take the number of offenses into account. These rulings state that a certain number of felonies will mean immediate jail time. Some states may also be implementing laws that immediately deny bail for those who have a long list of felony charges or are repeat offenders. If you are a repeat offender, or if you have prior felony convictions, the state laws may stand in your way of obtaining a bail bond. In some cases, the judge may simply raise the cost of the bond when the law allows for it. 

Previously Revoked Bond

If you have had a previously revoked bond or if you have failed to meet the terms of a previous bond, you may face problems getting a new bond. In some states, this can be determined by the judge. However, there are other states that leave it up to the bail bondsman to allow you to get a bond through them. Basically, if you have voided a bond in the past, finding a new bondsman may not be possible even if you have a bond amount set. 

The key factor to keep in mind is that if you are a repeat offender, the chances are higher for an issue with your bond. If the judge denies you bail, you may have to wait in jail until your hearing. However, the ideal option is to plan for a higher bond amount and have the money secured or someone who can give the money to post your bail. 

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